Eolic! portable power maker

January 21, 2010

This is not so impressive, but I liked the design of the product.
This is a portable and foldable wind-power generator, capable of powering small electronics and household appliances.
It is also mostly made of carbon-fiber.

via: LikeCOOL


Stunning new-tech Vids

January 19, 2010

40% transparency laptop display by Samsung

Is anything really possible?? Is there no limit to the technology advancement??
Well this is just amazing… Competition brings out best of us I guess…

OLED new ID Technology

New Product from Apple!??

January 19, 2010

Like they always do, when they want to introduce a new product, Apple sends out invitations to the reporters.
Recently, Apple has sent out yet another invitation for an event which will take place on January 27th 2010 10:00AM PST.

There is a rumor that the artwork on the invitation (an artist’s tablet) might be indicating that they will be releasing an Apple Tablet.

But who knows??

via: mobilemag